Strategy Overview


Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE is a predominately commercial corridor in the northeast end of Ward 7. It crosses through multiple neighborhoods, some of which are recognized as the oldest and longest standing Black communities in the District of Columbia.  The study area focuses a one-mile stretch of the corridor that runs from Minnesota Avenue, NE as its western boundary and Division Avenue, NE as its eastern boundary. The study area includes parcels predominantly zoned for multi-family residential and mixed uses, as well as public parks and open spaces. 


A small area plan was completed and approved by City Council as part of the Great Streets Initiative in 2008.  At the request of Councilmember Vincent Gray, an additional study of the Greater Deanwood community, the NHBC-SAP, began in the fall of 2022.  This latest plan is focusing on the public realm, urban design and retail that will guide future growth and development along the corridor.  OP has had robust community engagement efforts during the first half of 2023 with the kickoff eventNannie Helen Burroughs Marketplace at the Riverside Center”, on April 1st of 2023.  Area vendors provided participants with the opportunity to shop locally. On June 25th OP sponsored a “Conversation in the Park. Participants were able to relax in the park and enjoy a meditation circle, paint and chat, and conversations with DC Planners while enjoying local cuisine.  


Get Involved.  You are Invited to Participate.  


Goals for the Nannie Helen Burroughs Corridor Study Area

Goals for the Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave, NE Corridor Strategy Tasks include: 


  1. Public Realm: Create guiding principles for active street environment, open spaces, and park environments that helps reinvigorate the commercial corridor while improving user accessibility.  

  1. Urban Design: Develop strategies to improve the pedestrian experience of the corridor’s gateways, including the activation and maintenance of the significant amount of green space, while increasing density for commercial, retail, and residential uses. 

  1. Retail Strategy: Update the Deanwood Retail Market Analysis (2017) and identify the commercial nodes best poised for revitalization. 

Map of proposed Study Area

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