About Georgetown Transportation Access & Circulation Study


Georgetown was founded before the District of Columbia as an industrial port town. Transportation has been at the center of Georgetown, with a canal, railroads, highways, and trails connecting this community to the world. Georgetown is a thriving place where a legacy of impact can generate a future of possibility. As we think about what might be next for Georgetown, we have an opportunity to imagine how people move within and through it.


A year-long study is underway to better understand how those who live, work, visit, and commute in Georgetown get around — and how we can potentially design a future that makes mobility and accessibility better for all.

Study Details

This study is planned to be conducted between March 2023 and March 2024 by the District Department of Transportation in partnership with the Georgetown Business Improvement District. A Community Advisory Committee of neighborhood stakeholders are providing planners with feedback throughout the study.

Informed by a robust community and stakeholder engagement process, a series of recommendations will be delivered, and pilot programs will be implemented. The project team will coordinate with agencies and other groups who are doing or have done studies in this area, including WMATA, the DC Office of Planning, the National Park Service, and the Federal City Council.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) 

The purpose of the CAC is to assist DDOT in obtaining integrated community input during the Georgetown Transportation Circulation and Access Study. The CAC will function as a sounding board to the project team by advising, supporting and assisting to provide feedback regarding existing challenges and proposed solutions.

CAC Member Organizations

  • Councilmember Brooke Pinto’s Office
  • ANC 2E
  • Georgetown University MedStar
  • Georgetown University Hospital
  • Georgetown BID
  • Citizens Association of Georgetown
  • DC Bicycle Advisory Council
  • DC Pedestrian Advisory Council
  • Burleith Citizens Association

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