The purpose of this study is to identify traffic safety and access issues along the corridor and recommend alternatives. The primary goals of this project are to:

  • Develop a concept plan that promotes multimodal transportation safety and access for all roadway users, especially vulnerable users like pedestrians and bicyclists through modal separation, buffers, and traffic calming.
  • Develop a balanced approach to the operations of the corridor through community and stakeholder involvement.
  • Set a path forward for the development of future phases of the project including 30%/65%/90%/Final Plans and construction.

Bladensburg Rd Safety Project Collage


ANC 5C Preferred Concept Presentation 07 12 2023.pdf ANC 5C Resolution of Support.pdf ANC 5D Preferred Concept Presentation 06 12 2023 .pdf ANC 5D Resolution of Support.pdf ANC Sign-On Letter of Support.pdf CAC Agenda 03 30 2022.pdf CAC Agenda 05 25 2022.pdf CAC Agenda 11 01 2022.pdf CAC Meeting Minutes 03 30 2022.pdf CAC Meeting Minutes 05 24 2023.pdf CAC Meeting Minutes 05 25 2022.pdf CAC Meeting Minutes 11 01 2022.pdf CAC Presentation 03 30 2022.pdf CAC Presentation 05 24 2023.pdf Concepts-Benning Rd to Neal St.pdf Concepts-Channing St to Eastern Avenue.pdf Concepts-Lyman Pl to Mt Olivet Cem.pdf Concepts-Neal St to south of R St.pdf Concepts-R St to Channing St.pdf Councilmember Parker Support for Pref Alt.pdf Delay & Queue-17thMt Olivet.pdf Delay & Queue-Benning .pdf Delay & Queue-Eastern.pdf Delay & Queue-New York.pdf Delay & Queue-S Dakota.pdf Evaluation Matrix 12 03 2022.PDF Existing Conditions Report Final 06 23 2022.pdf IAC Agenda 04 06 2022.pdf IAC Agenda 05 24 2022.pdf IAC Agenda 10 31 2022.pdf IAC Meeting Minutes 04 06 2022.pdf IAC Meeting Minutes 05 22 2023.pdf IAC Meeting Minutes 05 24 2022.pdf IAC Meeting Minutes 10 31 2022.pdf IAC Presentation 04 06 2022.pdf IAC Presentation 05 22 2023.pdf Preference Survey 06 02 2022.pdf Preferred Alternative Final S1.pdf Preferred Alternative Final S2.pdf Preferred Alternative Final S3.pdf Preferred Alternative Final S4.pdf Preferred Alternative Final.pdf Preferred Alternative Segments 1-2 draft.pdf Preferred Alternative Segments 2-4 draft.pdf Preferred Alternative Segments 4-6 draft.pdf Preferred Alternative Segments 6-7 draft.pdf Public Meeting 06 17 2023 Report.pdf Public Meeting 12 03 2022 Report .pdf Public Meeting Presentation 06 02 2022.pdf Public Meeting Q-A 06 02 2022.pdf